Friday 13 February 2015

How to send Photos for Designing Cards &  backdrop

Many people wonder when they need a photo of their baby for designing something.
Either they may have thousands of mobile photos, All of them would look fantastic But none of them would be good for printing. Or some people do not have any of their baby's photo with them.

Sharing you some of the basic requirements we have, to design back drop / Cards.
We share with you all these in order to get the best result out of our work to make you happy.

      Any photos around 1 mb in size is OK
  1. Photos taken with proper light
  2. Photos well focused
  3. Need head fully. See that the baby 's head is fully covered
  4. Hands visibility
  5. Baby should look at the camera
  6. Never have anything in baby's hand ( Like Chapels, Mobile...etc )
  7. Photos taken in baby's height. ( Not from above / Below.)
  8. Never send us photos you donot like. ( Once design is completed people ask to change the photo and waste money )
  9. Get a photo with decent Dress 
  10. Send only 3 - 5 photos maximum 
  11. Background can be anything We will remove them
Please try to click 40 - 50 photos to get a few good ones 

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