Monday 30 July 2012

Corporate Outing/Party/Recharge/Fun day organizers in Chennai

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Almost all corporate allot some money to spend by their staffs. Either they share the money between themselves or visit a Bar / Restaurant and waste that money. So the company gets lazy staffs with a hangover.

Happy employees are productive employees. Boosting and maintaining morale in the workplace is very important for both employee productivity and retention. The cost of employee turnover in today's business world is extremely high. Therefore, it is vital to create a positive environment that encourages efficiency, teamwork and also some fun.
Many employers are not in the financial position to throw elaborate parties or galas. However, it is still important to build camaraderie and loyalty among employees through events that are not work-related.
There are many events to get to know your employees and reward them for their dedication and service.
  • Weekend Trips
  • One day Fun day
  • Annual Parties
  • Weekly Happy Hour
  • Family Picnics
  • Fundraising Events
  • Adventure Activities
  • Athletic Teams
Creating a Successful Company Outing

By following these tips, you can organize a successful company outing.
  • Allow employees to participate in choosing types of company outings and activities. Narrow your choices down to three or four ideas and then permit your employees to make the final decision through a company-wide vote. You can also ask for volunteers to help organize the events, act as team captains and make planning decisions.
  • Encourage family involvement. Whether you are planning a family picnic or organizing a holiday party, encourage your employees to involve their family. In the modern world, many people are lacking family time. Therefore, you cannot ask your employees to spend time outside the workplace without their family members.
  • Don’t forget to ask for employee feedback. After each company outing, let employees fill out a questionnaire about the event. Gauge the success of previous company outings when planning your next activity.
Remember that the main goal is to boost employee morale. Keep tabs on the events to make sure the activities are having the desired effects. You’d be surprised how much more smoothly your business will run with employees who genuinely enjoy their work experience.