Friday, 13 February 2015

How to send Photos for Designing Cards &  backdrop

Many people wonder when they need a photo of their baby for designing something.
Either they may have thousands of mobile photos, All of them would look fantastic But none of them would be good for printing. Or some people do not have any of their baby's photo with them.

Sharing you some of the basic requirements we have, to design back drop / Cards.
We share with you all these in order to get the best result out of our work to make you happy.

      Any photos around 1 mb in size is OK
  1. Photos taken with proper light
  2. Photos well focused
  3. Need head fully. See that the baby 's head is fully covered
  4. Hands visibility
  5. Baby should look at the camera
  6. Never have anything in baby's hand ( Like Chapels, Mobile...etc )
  7. Photos taken in baby's height. ( Not from above / Below.)
  8. Never send us photos you donot like. ( Once design is completed people ask to change the photo and waste money )
  9. Get a photo with decent Dress 
  10. Send only 3 - 5 photos maximum 
  11. Background can be anything We will remove them
Please try to click 40 - 50 photos to get a few good ones 

Monday, 6 August 2012

How to do a Birthday Party ?

Creative Event Organizers would like to share you our experience. Please share your comments.

 If you are going to conduct your First Born's First Birthday you will have a lot of confusions,
doubts & tensions. No worry. Please read these ideas given below.
Please note that all these mentioned below are purely my personal idea and suggestions
based on our experiences. So please contact us for any clarification.
1. Always plan your event in advance. Get suggestions from many and take the good ideas. 
You should have the basic idea of how the party is going to be. Then we will help you to develop it.
2. Plan your Budget. This is very important. Set budgets for Food, Decorations,
Photography, Entertainments, Dress for baby and you, Return gifts.etc.
3. Make A List - List of guests to be invited. List of things needed for the party
even the small items. ( Remember to add a matchbox / lighter also)
4. Select a Venue. Plan your venue based on your budget and easy reachable for guests.
Your home and an open terrace also is a good idea for cost cutting. In this case get
a cook to cook for the guests.
If you are looking for a hotel please check these things mentioned below.
a. It must be reachable for almost all people.
b. Try their food from their restaurant
c. See and take a few snaps of all party halls / Roof garden they have.
d. Make it very clear that if they allow external decorations. ( If not they will force you to use their decorations already someone used. Also they will charge you heavily than outsiders decorators. Also you will not have anything special for your baby. Because those hotel guys get some commissions from that that is why they force you. Please do not take such hotel / Party Hall you will end up spending extra.
5. Find out some good decorators. Those professionals will make the event special.
Do not go for packages. You will never know what are included in the package.
So be specific on what you need. Creative Event Organizers will give you
a list of services so that you can choose any items based on your budget
and need. Your baby is special like you. So you need something special.!
6. Plan for a theme. That wouldn't cost you anything extra. Either it can be
a cartoon / situation theme or a color combination as theme. That will look so special.
If you like all colors..then Go for Rainbow theme.!
7. If you need Invitation Cards make them based on the theme. It must be simple.
But very childish in style. Always keep some cards for your album.
8. Cloths for the party - Find some simple but rich looking dress based on your theme.
The dress need not to be very costly. But baby should feel comfortable. Look for some pins,
tags or some sharp edges inside of the dress that may irritate your baby.
It may be a good idea to buy many colorful dresses for your baby instead of
one single costly dress. Because your baby would look colorful throughout the event.
Also make sure that if you happened to be sweating ( in AC hall also some do )
your dress should not show that you are wet and that would look funny in the photos.
9. Photography & Video graph - Hire a creative experienced photographer for the event.
If your budget is exceeding go for photography only.
Make your baby to sleep before the party. Feed him then bring your kid early with
different styles of dress and take many photos before cake cutting.
So your album would look colorful.
Getting one of the photos framed for your wall also is a good idea.
Remember to carry many tissues / towels with you and keep on wiping
your face throughout the photo session. Wet face wouldn't look nice in any photos.
10. Return Gifts - Get some gifts for those kids arrive. Gifts should be
something useful for them. Plan based on their age group. Need not be very costly
but not cheaper too. May a collection of many items also advisable.
11. Entertainments - Whatever early you plan your party the average
timing of cake cutting is between 7:30 pm to 8pm.! Some of your important guests
will get jammed in the traffic..! Then how about those guests who is waiting
from 5:30 pm onwards? Waiting for a cake for 2 hrs will definitely make them
angry on you. Many of them will find their known people but some of them
would be isolated and lonely in the crowd. So make everybody relaxed by
hiring some entertainers like Magic / Puppet Shows.etc.
You can cover any unexpected delay with these entertainers.
12. Respect & Acknowledge your Guests - When the time has arrived for
cake cutting the father of the baby should announce something like this.
" Hi everybody, We welcome you all in a special way for the birthday of
my son / daughter baby ( name) . We appreciate each one of you for
coming over here to bless our baby at this evening. Now I call upon my wife
(name) to come here with our birthday kid ( name).
She comes
Now I invite the Paternal Grand Parents ( names) to the stage. They comes. 
I also invite the Maternal Grand Parents of baby ( name). They comes.
Now in the name of God with all your prayers and blessings with your permission
our baby cut his / her first birthday cake".
Then cut the cake. When you say this everyone pays attention your ceremony.
Also people would feel great about you. Are you scared.? No worry ..Those
guests are your own & known people only. 

Do not bring other kids to the stage during cake cutting. They will be a big
trouble for you to control. Also they will disturb the photographer & Videographers.
You may bring them closer only in home party / for small crowd.
Some Things to Remember
  • Plan your Menu very very carefully
  • Never gift Whistles to Kids.
  • Poppers & Snow sprays should not be sprayed on anybody on the Stage,
    NOT on the Cake, NOT on the Cameras. Give them only to adults not kids.
  • Carry a matchbox with you in the pocket. Do not give that to anyone.
  • Always wipe your & Baby face ( Wet wipes will keep you fresh )
  • Try to meet and talk to each of your guests personally.
  • Tell your photographer in advance how many photos you need.
  • Arrange someone near you always with your phone to direct people and answer phone.
  • Ask your parents to be present at the stage just before the cake cutting.
  • Take away gifts to be given when they return home at the end.
It is better to remove the cake from the stage after the ceremony and ask
any waiters to serve along with other sweets. People will not be able to
have food after you serve cake first. But you may serve cake when
you know the guests are more than expected. So you may be able to
overcome food shortage.
Please note again that all these mentioned here are purely my
personal idea and suggestions based on our experiences
. So
please contact us for further discussions.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Corporate Outing/Party/Recharge/Fun day organizers in Chennai

Welcome to Creative Event Organizers Chennai
Almost all corporate allot some money to spend by their staffs. Either they share the money between themselves or visit a Bar / Restaurant and waste that money. So the company gets lazy staffs with a hangover.

Happy employees are productive employees. Boosting and maintaining morale in the workplace is very important for both employee productivity and retention. The cost of employee turnover in today's business world is extremely high. Therefore, it is vital to create a positive environment that encourages efficiency, teamwork and also some fun.
Many employers are not in the financial position to throw elaborate parties or galas. However, it is still important to build camaraderie and loyalty among employees through events that are not work-related.
There are many events to get to know your employees and reward them for their dedication and service.
  • Weekend Trips
  • One day Fun day
  • Annual Parties
  • Weekly Happy Hour
  • Family Picnics
  • Fundraising Events
  • Adventure Activities
  • Athletic Teams
Creating a Successful Company Outing

By following these tips, you can organize a successful company outing.
  • Allow employees to participate in choosing types of company outings and activities. Narrow your choices down to three or four ideas and then permit your employees to make the final decision through a company-wide vote. You can also ask for volunteers to help organize the events, act as team captains and make planning decisions.
  • Encourage family involvement. Whether you are planning a family picnic or organizing a holiday party, encourage your employees to involve their family. In the modern world, many people are lacking family time. Therefore, you cannot ask your employees to spend time outside the workplace without their family members.
  • Don’t forget to ask for employee feedback. After each company outing, let employees fill out a questionnaire about the event. Gauge the success of previous company outings when planning your next activity.
Remember that the main goal is to boost employee morale. Keep tabs on the events to make sure the activities are having the desired effects. You’d be surprised how much more smoothly your business will run with employees who genuinely enjoy their work experience.